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The Wedding Documentary Company

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Nationwide Coverage
Address: Covering London and the whole of the U.K.
Telephone: 01787 881463
Website: click here
When contacting 'The Wedding Documentary Company' please mention 'Great British Weddings'
Your wedding day is, without doubt, going to be one of the most fantastic, emotional, chaotic, overwhelming, exciting and draining days of your entire life. There will be laughter, tears, nerves, and every other emotion it's possible to feel. Behind the scenes there's a whole industry dedicated to making sure your wedding goes smoothly, from the flower arrangers, to the cake makers, to the hotel staff, everybody is on best behaviour and the stakes are high, there's a natural storyline from the beginning to the end, and there's even a guaranteed happy ending! ………………..
these are all fantastic ingredients for a hugely entertaining wedding video.

Why then are most wedding videos pretty awful?
Generally speaking the term "Wedding Video" is short hand for a very boring, overly long, usually quite cheesy music montage of most of the sloppy bits of the day. This is due partly to people accepting this is what a wedding video is, and partly because a lot of companies, or individuals, have no experience of broadcast TV, they have no experience of having to make a programme that actually "entertains".

What's the alternative?
Commission us to make a mini documentary of your biggest day. We've spent years making programmes for nearly all of the major broadcasters (ITV, Channel 4, five, Discovery Channel, MTV etc) and we can turn your day into a great "feel good" DVD which will be the talk of the family for years to come… nowadays its very rare for big families to get together in one place and this is a unique opportunity to capture all of your family in a very happy occasion, …. it'll also be superb for the next generations to see what really happened in the days when people still got married!

Take a look at the clips available on line and you'll see how we craft the edit
to actually tell an entertaining story, rather than just putting the events of the day in the right order.

We always finish our programmes with top end post production techniques,
using subtle, broadcast effects, (not a "heart wipe" or "page turn" in sight). We use Abode After Effects to build beautiful opening sequences and credit rolls, we take the harshness out of video tape and produce a filmic look, and we use AVID Colour Correction tools to grade your images to perfection.

But I hate the idea of being filmed I just want a record of the day.
You're not alone. We're more than happy to take a back seat and literally film "fly on the wall" style. We've spent years making people feel natural and comfortable when there's a camera around and there really is a technique to it. Before we start to film we'll establish how much you and your family want to interact with the camera, and that's as far as we will go.

What about the costs?
We charge roughly the same as a good stills photographer, which considering the amount of work required after filming, is a pretty good deal.

Are there other options available?
Each wedding is treated as a separate TV project, and the packages outlined are just to give a guide to some of the more popular combinations. We have experience in nearly all areas and genres of top end TV production so not much will faze us… If you're after something truly unique why not consider bringing in a couple of presenters to host your wedding video? Imagine Dermot O'Leary presenting the video from outside your house and then walking in to meet the family! ….. anything is possible.

Spread the word!
We now offer a great new way of saying thank you to all of the guests and family that came to support you on your wedding day. For orders of over 60 DVDs we will supply copies to you at just £1.50 per copy (+VAT), which means that when you come to write to your guests thanking them for coming you can include a DVD as a reminder of the day!

I'm still not sure…..
Ask yourself one question….
Is there any other part of your wedding that you would consider not using an experienced professional for? The dress maker? The photographer? The caterers?
This is the real reason that wedding videos in general have a bad reputation…..

Regardless of your choice of Video company we wish you the best of luck with your big day!
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